Barb City Brewfest - FAQ

When is the Barb City Brewfest?

The 2017 event will be Saturday, March 25th from 1pm-4:30pm at the NIU Convocation Center. (VIP's enter at noon - entrance #2) 

What is the Barb City Brewfest?

The Barb City Brewfest is a 3.5 hour sampling experience for craft beer (and hard cider) fans, aficionados and those curious about this popular phenomenon. #BCBF is a production of Brew Avenue Events and a fundraiser for the Barbed Wire Betties (a not for profit 501(C)(3) beneficiary of the event). 

Will there be food vendors available?

Yes, the NIU Concessions has a special beerfest menu with items for purchase!

Will breweries run out of certain beers?

Occasionally, a brewery will run out of a certain beer. The beer may be  overly popular with the festival crowd. Luckily, there are more than 80 brews to sample. Breweries try their best to plan accurately for these  festivals, however, sometimes the very popular beers run out. We cannot  guarantee that a particular beer will be available the entire span of  the festival.   

 Please note that the brewery and cidery roster is subject to change / substitution. 

Is this a family event? Can I bring my children and pets?

No. This is a 21+ only event. No one under age 21 will be admitted. ALL attendees, regardless of age, will need to present proper State ID and wear a wristband. All attendees must be of legal drinking age to participate. For the enjoyment of the event for our guests and for  safety reasons, children, babies and pets (except service animals) are NOT permitted in the venue at any time. 

Does my Designated Driver need to be 21+? Can my Designated Driver have a beer sample?

No. This event is strictly 21+. Anyone entering the fest, even as a  designated driver, must be age 21 or older. No one under 21 will be  admitted. Designated Drivers are not allowed to consume alcohol. They have access to unlimited soda and water (at the DD tent) and enjoy the experience that includes music,  access to food, and of course, great camaraderie and fun! 

Festival Tips / What To Expect

Plan ahead for transportation

It is important to have a plan for how to get safely home from the  fest. Please arrange a designated driver, take a taxi/uber/lyft or take public transportation if possible. 

Stay hydrated

Yes, beer is refreshing, but you need  to make sure you’re getting enough water too. There are drinking fountains  or bottled water can also be purchased from the NIU Concessions.  Have a game plan for hydration. 

Have an idea of which breweries you want to hit first

Breweries bring a set amount of beer, so some styles may run out and not be available for the entirety of the festival. Plan ahead by making a list of the beers you don’t want to miss to ensure you get to them first! (or take advantage of the early entry ticket hour!) 

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Food is available for purchase!

Share the good times

Having fun! Make sure you check in on Facebook and use #barbcitybrewfest to make all your friends at home jealous!!